Model-free recognition



Rapid deployment

Typical warehouse application

Applications in manufacturing companies

Applications in distribution companies

Handle comprehensive item types

Carton box depalletizing

Carton boxes with different specifications are the most common materials in warehousing. There are special requests such as labelled-side out palletizing, label localization, and depalletizing of separately-placed cases.

Vision recognition

Accurate recognition with 3D vision

ST active stereo 3D camera
LS laser structured light 3D camera

Efficient and teachless robot motion



(single-item, 90° layout)


(multi-item, 90° layout)

Experienced and competent in various scenarios

Mixed tote depalletizing
Mixed carton box depalletizing
Multi-item picking
Depalletizing of seperately-placed carton boxes
Label localization
Quick gripper switch
Compatible gripper
Labelled-side out pattern
Palletizing on non-empty pallets

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