Product | XYZ Robotics' Newly Released 3D Camera: Rapid Imaging in 0.23s Helps Efficient Manufacturing
Upload time: 2022-07-01

Project Overview

After AL & LS cameras, XYZ Robotics's industrial 3D camera has upgraded again by releasing ST active stereo camera.

ST camera supports parts feeding, piece picking, and other pick-and-place applications. With innovative projection technology and stereo matching algorithm, the camera is resistant to strong ambient light and reflection, thus achieving a higher throughput.

ST Active Stereo Camera

ST Camera

ST camera carries VCSEL to project high-power and high-density infrared laser. With stereo matching algorithm, the camera features high reconstruction precision and a strong capacity of resisting ambient light.

Rapid imaging: fast imaging in just 0.23 seconds

Resistant to ambient light: 60,000 Lux at 1.2m in indoor lighting

Anti-reflective: upgraded projection technology to reconstruct reflective surfaces

The camera can work with an optional external projection module and multi-projection imaging software to upgrade anti-reflective performance. The protection class of ST camera is IP65.


ST camera with upgraded projection technology

Case Studies

3D vision recognition of the container's keyhole

The customer is located at a Chinese seaport and requires 3D vision to recognize containers’ keyholes outdoors. The keyholes are various, and the outdoor environment is complex: including direct sunlight, a humidity level over 90%, intermittent wind with a force between 0 and 10, acid rain, and weak alkali air.

There are two highlights of ST camera in this case:

With high-power and high-density laser projection, ST camera is resistant to ambient light.

The protection class of ST camera is IP65, so it can work in the harsh outdoor environment.

Bag depalletizing guided by 3D vision

The customer is a chemical company and requires automated bag depalletizing guided by 3D vision. The bags, including woven bags and paper bags, are randomly piled. The customer also has high demand on the throughput and the productivity.

There are two highlights of ST camera in this case:

ST camera avoids vision interferences, such as bags' uneven edges and random piles, to achieve precise recognition.

The camera is stable and highly efficient with the fastest scanning time of 1.7 s and an accuracy being equal to or more than 99.99%.

With rapid imaging and stronger resistance to interferences, XYZ Robotics's ST camera will bring more reliable and efficient vision solutions with XYZ Studio software. If you want to learn more about our products, you can click "Contact us" or send an email to

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