Case Studies

Blog | Modernizing Logistics Automation from Case Handling

Upload time: 2024-03-08

Case handling spans diverse logistics processes. In response to different applications and increasing operational demands, a mobile solution such as the Mobile Manipulation Robot tends to be a more flexible and adaptable choice.

Blog | Innovative Mixed Case Palletizing with Robotic and Vision Technology

Upload time: 2024-02-16

Mixed case palletizing is key in B2B distribution, particularly in industries like retail. XYZ Robotics provides three mixed case palletizing methods for different scenarios, empowering volume- and space-efficient order fulfillment.

Partnership | XYZ Robotics x VTS Intralogistics: Enhance Customer Service in the Netherlands and Belgium

Upload time: 2024-02-07

XYZ Robotics and VTS Intralogistics have forged a strategic alliance to enhance the delivery of automation solutions by elevating customer services in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Partnership | XYZ Robotics x JHernando: Advance Warehouse Automation in Spain and Portugal

Upload time: 2024-01-31

XYZ Robotics and JHernando have formed a partnership to advance robotic automation in Spain and Portugal’s warehouses. The collaboration combines XYZ Robotics’ expertise in robotics with JHernando’s extensive experience in logistics management.

Year in Review : Pioneering Innovation and Excellence Through 2023

Upload time: 2024-01-26

In 2023, XYZ Robotics continued to propel autonomous robotic perception and manipulation. With an enhanced service system and a growing partnership network, we’re committed to advancing the global supply chain.