Vehicle manufacturing plays a leading role in traditional manufacturing to embrace automation. Its processes include stamping, welding, painting, and assembly. The processes before assembly demand accurate vision inspection of various parts and points. The assembly scenarios are also complex, acquiring high accuracy and stability. Therefore, the automation of vehicle manufacturing faces great challenges.

XYZ Robotics provides accurate, reliable, and rapid 3D vision solutions to satisfy diverse needs of localization, assembly, and inspection in various scenarios.

Comprehensive scenarios coverage

Suitable for vision guidance, inspection, assembly and other manufacturing scenarios

Professional solutions

Satisfy requirements for high precision and large FOV with turnkey solutions

Typical application

Cross member




Car door


The customer requires automated feeding of front and aft cross members with 3D vision for the following welding. There are two types of cross members, they are large and highly reflective metal parts.

Our solutions

  • Use LS camera fixedly mounted
  • Accurately recognize large and highly reflective cross members with a high Z repeatability of ±1.9 mm
  • Our vision system guides the collision-free picking from bins, the bins are manually placed and may off from the given position
Typical case

To accelerate the advent of autonomous robotic perception and manipulation

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