Metalwork often needs machine tools. The manual operation of machine tools faces low security, high work intensity, and demand for stability. Machine tending also meets challenges including highly-reflective surfaces and complex structures of various parts, ambient light interference, and high demands for accuracy and throughput.

XYZ Robotics' 3D vision system handles various types of parts, including processed ones with reflective surfaces or coated by anti-rust oil. The system also supports one-click register to achieve flexible and cost-effective production.

Flexible production

One-click registration of new parts for high productivity

Maximize machine tools' productivity

Constant production while changing pallets and stable operation in dimly-lit workshop

Typical application

Hydraulic cylinder part

Machine tending

Motor stator

Bin picking

Metal board

Bin picking

Aluminum Ingot


Aluminum Bottle

Machine Tending

A leading hydraulic manufacturer

  • The customer requires automated machine tending of hydraulic cylinder parts on 5 production lines with 3D vision
  • The 3D vision distinguishes unprocessed and processed parts, then guides the robot to pick and place unprocessed ones on the machine
  • After three processes, the robot will unload and place processed parts on the same pallet

Our solutions

  • ST-L camera mounted on a slide guide covers several working positions
  • When the vision recognizes the last unprocessed part on the pallet, it notifies the worker to ensure the constant operation of the machine tool
  • Achieve a high throughput of 1000 pcs/h with overall production cost cut by half

Typical case

To accelerate the advent of autonomous robotic perception and manipulation

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