Auto parts manufacturing faces problems including parts' reflective surfaces, different sizes, materials, and colors. Overlapping parts, deformed bins, and bright ambient light also bring challenges to vision recognition and demand high accuracy.

Besides collision-free handling, XYZ Robotics' 3D vision solutions also feature high efficiency and operational flexibility. Both the emptying rate and the picking accuracy are more than 99.9%.

Comprehensive production
line coverage

Accurate recognition and handling of parts from different automotive systems

Maximize productivity

Rapid deployment for efficient production

Typical application




Wheel hub

Flywheel shell

Bearing ring

A well-known global automotive supplier

  • The customer requires automated feeding of billets with 3D vision
  • Billets of various types are reflective and randomly piled in bins
  • These billets need placing in a certain orientation for the next step

Our solutions

  • Use AL-L structured light camera mounted on a slide guide
  • Generate the trajectory automatically to handle billets vertically placed or in corners, thus achieving a high emptying rate
  • Ensure stable and collision-free picking from non-standard rectangular bins

Half shaft

Engine cover

Control arm

Spherical-hinge base

Spherical hinge


Typical case

To accelerate the advent of autonomous robotic perception and manipulation

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