Accurate recognition

High-precision point clouds
The system resists vision interferences including metal, curved, reflective, black surfaces effectively and reconstructs parts accurately. The system is suitable for unprocessed, processed, painted parts and castings.
Powerful recognition
With proprietary vision algorithm, the vision system recognizes parts of diverse shapes, randomly piled parts, and other complex conditions accurately.

Fast motion planning

Time-optimal trajectory planning
Generate time-optimal trajectory with automatic async vision processing
Effective collision avoidance
Generate a collision-free trajectory automatically in the 1:1 simulation environment


UX for fast deployment
Fast setup within 30 minutes
Connect to the robot and the camera
< 5 minutes
Automatic hand-eye calibration
< 10 minutes
Add virtual obstacle
< 5 minutes
Grasp registration
< 5 minutes
Generate simulation trajectory
< 5 minutes


To accelerate the advent of autonomous robotic perception and manipulation

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