In the e-commerce and retail industry, products are often stored in totes. The pallet of totes can reach 5 layers high, so the camera fixedly mounted can't meet the necessary accuracy to recognize the top and the bottom layer at the same time.

XYZ robotics' eye-in-hand 3D cameras can move to the best shooting height according to the pallet’s height. Besides, with the gripper switcher, robots can pick two different kinds of cases with high accuracy of 99.99%.

Multifunctional solution

The fast change of grippers meets different pick-and-place needs

Stable operation

7 * 24 hours of continuous operation without errors during peak time

Typical application

Tote, carton box

Depalletizing and palletizing

Phone box

Piece picking



Shoe box and apparel bag

Piece picking


Piece picking

A personal care multinational

  • The customer requires multifunctional robots to depalletize and palletize totes and carton boxes with AGVs, thus achieving automated inbound

Our solutions

  • Use XYZ’s eye-in-hand camera: recognize closely placed totes with high accuracy and large FOV
  • Pick densely packed totes efficiently with no need to reserve gaps between them
  • The custom gripper supports more flexible working scenarios and can handle both carton boxes and totes
  • After recognizing carton boxes' sizes, our algorithm automatically plans boxes' placement in totes to ensure the optimal loading rate

Typical case

To accelerate the advent of autonomous robotic perception and manipulation

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