In the chemical industry, various products are often stored in barrels, carton boxes, and bags, leading to more application scenarios of mixed case depalletizing. The large weights of these products bring difficulty and high risk for manual work. The chemical distribution industry also makes a great demand on security and stable throughput.

XYZ Robotics' vision-guided depalletizing and palletizing solutions can accurately recognize dark cases such as black barrels. The use of custom all-in-one grippers saves the switching time and achieves efficient picking. Based on the order information, XYZ Robotics' system can calculate the optimal mixed case pallet pattern. With the motion planning algorithm, the system can also generate the optimal trajectory for stable handling.

Comprehensive item types coverage

Handle barrels, bags, carton boxes, etc.

Multifunctional solution

The custom all-in-one gripper meets different pick-and-place needs

Typical application

Carton box and barrel

Depalletizing (multi-item)

Carton box

Mixed case depalletizing and palletizing

A leading petroleum product manufacturer

  • The customer requires robots to depalletize carton boxes and barrels of different sizes and colors with multi-item picking mode
  • An all-in-one gripper is designed to pick both carton boxes and barrels without switching
  • Black barrel with low edge contrast demands high recognition accuracy

Our solutions

  • Accurately recognize black barrels with our innovative vision algorithm
  • Use an all-in-one gripper to pick carton boxes and barrels (multi-item mode) without switching

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