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Metalwork often needs machine tools. The manual operation of machine tools faces low security, high work intensity, and great demand on stability. Machine tending also meets challenges including highly-reflective surfaces and complex structures of various parts, ambient interference, and high demands for accuracy and throughput.


XYZ Robotics' 3D vision system handles various types of parts, including processed ones with reflective surfaces or coated by anti-rust oil. The system also supports one-click register to achieve flexible and cost-effective production.

Machine tending of hydraulic cylinder parts


A leading hydraulic manufacturer

 The customer requires automated machine tending of hydraulic cylinder parts on 5 production lines with 3D vision

The 3D vision distinguishes unprocessed and processed parts, then guides the robot to pick and place unprocessed ones on the machine

 After three processes, the robot needs to unload and place processed parts on the same pallet

Our solutions

 Use SP-L camera mounted on a slide guide

When the system recognizes the last unprocessed part on the pallet, it notifies the worker to ensure the constant operation of machines

 Achieve a high throughput of 1000 pieces/hour with production cost cut by half

Feeding of motor stators


A listed pump manufacturer

 Automated and precise feeding of motor stators with 3D vision

Motor stators are iron parts closely piled in bins

Our solutions

 Use SP-L camera fixedly mounted

Localize and place the part with a ±0.3 mm precision

 Handle closely-arranged parts accurately and achieve a throughput of within 10 seconds/piece

Localization and picking of metal boards


A well-known mold steel company

 The customer requires 3D vision to localize the part and guide the picking for the originally-used gantry crane and manual transportation is unsafe

The customer also requires 2D vision to scan QR codes on metal boards

Our solutions

 Our vision algorithm can accurately reconstruct highly reflective parts

Recognize parts of new types with the point cloud clustering algorithm

 Scan QR codes accurately with 2D vision

Our products

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AL structured light camera
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LS laser camera
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ST stereo camera
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3D vision system

Other applications

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