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In the pharmaceutical industry, bags containing raw materials are random-sized, easy to deform or wrinkle, and can weigh up to 50 kg, affecting vision recognition and picking. In the pharmaceutical distribution industry, large volumes and various types of carton boxes make great demand on throughput. High-value and fragile drugs also call for high accuracy and stability.


XYZ Robotics' deep learning algorithm supports model-free recognition of 10,000+ types of bags and carton boxes. XYZ Robotics' motion planning algorithm can automatically generate the optimal trajectory and achieve 600 cycles/hour. The customized plug-in grippers help to pick and place stably. The accuracy of the vision system is up to 99.99% with a ≤0.05% dropping rate.

Bag depalletizing and palletizing


A large pharmaceutical company

 The customer requires the robot to depalletize and palletize the bags between the cage cart and the conveyor

The cage cart is 2.5 meters high, so the limited working space for the robot makes a great demand on motion planning algorithm

Our solutions

 XYZ vision algorithm performs well in resisting interferences such as bags' uneven edges and wrinkles

XYZ motion planning algorithm ensures a collision-free and optimal trajectory between the cage cart and conveyor

Bag, tote depalletizing and palletizing


A large pharmaceutical group

 The customer requires bag and tote depalletizing and palletizing to achieve automated inbound and outbound

The bags and totes can weigh up to 50 kg, requiring firm pick picking

The limited story height leads to a compact working space

Our solutions

 Accurately recognize deformed bags and stably pick bags and pallets with customized plug-in grippers

Use our eye-in-hand camera to scan 2 m stacks in a limited space and ensure precise recognition of closely arranged totes

 Mobile robots on tracks can work for 10 depalletizing sites flexibly

Medicine piece picking


A well-known pharmaceutical company

 The robot needs to pick medicines from thousands of SKUs and place them in specified order boxes, thus achieving automated outbound

The medicines are packed in bottles, bags, and boxes in the form of individuals or sets. These are visually confusing.

Our solutions

 Precisely recognize the medicines in different packs and forms

Verified with the vision and the weight sensor, the robot handles with a high picking accuracy of more than 99.9%

Release gently from 2 cm above to avoid damaging medicines

Carton box depalletizing and palletizing


A leading pharmaceutical distribution company

 The customer requires the robot to depalletize and palletize 10,000+ types of carton boxes for inbound and outbound automation

Robots should prevent the carton boxes with high-value medicines from dropping or over-pressing

Our solutions

 Recognize 10,000+ types of carton boxes (model-free)

Effectively resist visual interference like tapes, straps, densely packed ones with the same color, various patterns, etc.

Handles with an extremely high accuracy of 99.9999%

Dynamically adjust the speed for stable picking and optimal throughput

Our products

Mixed-case palletizing robot
Piece picking robot

Other applications

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