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The electronic distribution industry sees various types of products. It requires management by pallet partition and planning of the storage area. After unpacking, SKUs will be stored by carrier reels. Pick and place paired with AGVs helps to achieve automated inbound and outbound. The electronics industry also requires continued palletizing, pre-delivery safety, quality inspection, etc.


XYZ Robotics' deep learning algorithm supports model-free and quick recognition of new carton box types. The vision system can recognize the existing pallet pattern accurately and help to continue the palletizing. The vision algorithm can also generate special pallet patterns, such as the labelled-side-out pattern.

Carton box depalletizing and palletizing, tote loading and unloading, piece picking


A large electronic distribution company

 Fully automated inbound and outbound with 25 robots

The pallet storage area: mixed-case fetching from different layers and pallet-partitioned palletizing for inbound after depalletizing

 The tote storage area: storing totes on racks for inbound and fetching them from racks for outbound

Our solutions

 Depalletizing for inbound: no need for WMS/WCS data, switch smartly between single-item and multi-item pick-and-place modes

Palletizing for inbound: support pallet-partitioned palletizing to improve the utilization of pallets

 Tote Loading and unloading: cooperate with AGVs to achieve collision-free pick and place

Carrier reel piece picking: high-speed piece picking by delta robots, accurate barcode reading before outbound

Carton box continued palletizing and depalletizing


A listed electronics manufacturer

 The customer requires robots to palletize and depalletize carton boxes for automated inbound and outbound.

The customer also requires complex operations including continued palletizing, labelled-side-out palletizing, and mixed-case palletizing

The carton boxes with precision electronics need handling gently

Our solutions

 Model-free recognition of new carton box types

Quickly recognize the existing pallet pattern for continued palletizing

Mixed-case palletizing with labelled-side out while keeping a stable pallet pattern

Carton box depalletizing and palletizing (multi-item)


A well-known PCB manufacturer

The customer requires depalletizing and palletizing of 30+ types of carton boxes with multi-item pick-and-place mode.

Our solutions

 Achieve a high throughput: 1200 picks/hour

Customized multi-pick gripper: supports multi-item picking mode

Our products

Mixed-case palletizing robot
Piece picking robot

Other applications

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