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In the e-commerce and retail industry, products are often stored in carton boxes and totes. The pallet of totes can reach 5 layers high, so the camera fixedly mounted can't meet the necessary accuracy to recognize the top and the bottom layer at the same time.


XYZ Robotics' eye-in-hand 3D cameras can move to the best shooting height according to the pallet's height. Besides, with the gripper switcher, robots can pick two different kinds of cases with a high accuracy of 99.99%.

Tote, carton box depalletizing and palletizing


A personal care multinational

The customer requires multifunctional robots to depalletize and palletize totes and carton boxes with AGVs, thus achieving automated inbound

Our solutions

 Use our eye-in-hand camera: recognize closely placed totes with high accuracy and large FOV

Pick densely packed totes efficiently with no need to reserve gaps between them

 The customized gripper supports more flexible working scenarios and can handle both carton boxes and totes

After recognizing carton boxes' sizes, our algorithm automatically plans boxes' placement in totes to ensure the optimal loading rate

Phone box piece picking


A leading e-commerce company

 The customer requires the robot to pick phone boxes from totes and place them in a specific pose (leave the larger side upward and the QR code outside) for downstream code-scanning and packing

 The customer also requires continuous, efficient, and stable operation of the robot for massive and high-density delivery

Our solutions

 Accurately recognize and pick boxes of disordered poses 

Add a camera to the underside and a turnover device to ensure the barcode sides are outward for the following scanning

 Stable operation: run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without errors on Double 11 (Chinese Black Friday)

Increase labor productivity by 60% and achieve automated packing

Cosmetic rebinning


A famous cosmetic company

 The customer requires the automated rebinning of 2,000+ types of SKUs

 Previously, the high daily shipment took 100+ employees, and they have to work a 12-hour double shift

 The high turnover rate and unstable efficiency of employees lead to unstable delivery

Our solutions

 Synchronous operation of the robot and the flipped hopper improves the picking efficiency greatly

Model-free and accurate recognition of 2,000+ types of new SKUs can adapt to the rapid update of e-commerce

 Switch between 3 grippers automatically and quickly to handle SKUs of different sizes and shapes

Shoe box and apparel bag piece picking


A leading e-commerce company

 The customer requires shoe box and apparel bag piece picking

 Flexible grippers are necessary to handle 2 distinct types of SKUs, and the lid boxes are likely to drop apart

Our solutions

 Mixed-case picking of shoe boxes and apparel bags with customized grippers and the switching device

A camera mounted above and a turnover device ensure the barcode sides of apparel bags are upward for the following scanning

 Inspect abnormal poses of shoe boxes and generate an alert, such as the unstable tilt

Grocery Piece picking


A large supermarket chain

The customer requires the robot to pick 2,000+ types of SKUs in totes according to orders and place them on the conveyor for the following sorting and delivery

Our solutions

 Model-free vision recognition and quick switch of grippers help to handle various groceries

Double checks of the gravity sensor and the vision help to achieve high picking accuracy

Our products

Mixed-case palletizing robot
Piece picking robot

Other applications

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