Machine tending of hydraulic cylinder parts

A top Chinese hydraulic manufacturer


The customer is a top Chinese hydraulic manufacturer that requires the 3D vision to automate machine tending of hydraulic cylinder parts in 5 production lines. The parts include the unprocessed and processed ones on one pallet, thus requiring the vision to distinguish them. The processed parts are reflective and may interfere with the recognition.


 XYZ vision guides the robot to identify the pose of the unprocessed part on the pallet, grab and place one onto the machine tool.

 After the processing, the vision locates the bin and guides the robot to unload the part.

 The robot continues grabbing until the pallet is cleared.


 XYZ-SP-L Camera, mounted on a sliding module, distinguishes between unprocessed and processed parts

 When the vision sees the last unprocessed part on the pallet, it notices the worker to change the pallet for constant loading and machine tooling

 A throughput of 1000 pcs/h with overall production cost cut by half