• E-commerce/Retail

    Piece picking of SKUs, depalletizing and palletizing of carton boxes, totesetc.

  • Chemicals

    Safe and stable depalletizing of barrels, carton boxes, and bags with variouschemical products.

  • Electronics

    Support model-free picking of 10,000+ types of carton boxes for the storingand distribution of various electronics.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    Accurate recognition and picking of bags and carton boxes during the manufacturing and distribution of rawmaterials and medicines.

  • New Energy

    Vision-guided localization andinspection during lithium battery production.

  • Machinery

    Support automated machine tending of unprocessed and processed parts for painting, welding and etc.

  • Vehicle Manufacturing

    Automated manufacture duringstamping, welding, painting, assembly, etc.

  • Automotive Suppliers

    Random picking and bin picking ofauto parts of various types, materials, colors, and sizes.

  • 画板 1 副本 6@300x-100
    Case Study | Automated Inbound and Outbound in an Electronics Warehouse has Nearly Tripled the Productivity

    With 25 XYZ Robotics' picking robotic systems, 
    an electronics warehouse achieves automated 
    inbound and outbound and greatly increased 

  • 画板 1 副本 7@300x-100
    Product | XYZ Robotics' Newly Released 3D Camera: Rapid Imaging in 0.23s Helps Efficient Manufacturing

    With rapid imaging and stronger resistance to
    interferences, XYZ's newly released ST camera
    supports parts feeding, piece picking, and other
    pick-and-place applications.