Loading of flanges

An international auto part manufacturer


The customer is an international auto part manufacturer whose factory is in eastern China. The factory deployed XYZ 3D vision to help automate loading parts for downstream processing. The parts are 5-mm-thick flanges which are orderly piled in bins. For the downstream conveyor to be moving, the imaging and loading speed should be quick.


 XYZ vision locates the bin.

 XYZ vision guides the robot to pick and place the flange orderly onto the conveyor, four in a row.

 The robot continues loading until the bin is cleared.


 XYZ-GX-L Camera features a high accuracy of ± 2 mm

 Overall throughput improved: visual recognition in 3 s/piece, handling in 5 s/piece

 Identify the 5-mm-thick parts at the bottom (visually challenging) and empty the bin 100%

 Quick and convenient model registration for 10+ different parts