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Machine tending of flywheel covers

A large auto part factory


The customer is a well-known auto part manufacturer and integrator in southwestern China. In this case, XYZ 3D vision facilitates the machine tending automation and guides the robot to handle flywheel covers (complex in structure, orderly piled in a bin and separated with layers, slightly tilted). The required accuracy is extremely high for the laser marking.


 XYZ vision locates the bin, identifies the position of the parts, and guides the robot to pick.

 After the part is re-located precisely and marked with laser, the robot places the part on a machine tool for processings like polishing, washing, stoving, etc.

 After each layer of parts are unloaded, the vision guides the robot to remove the layer and continue grabbing.

 After the part is processed, the vision guides the robot to pick it and load it into the bin.


 XYZ-SP-L Camera features a large FOV and can locate the parts, bins, and layers precisely, helping empty the bin 100%

 Precisely locate the part with ±1 mm accuracy for the following laser-marking

 XYZ vision scans the bin and guides the robot to place the parts without collision