Loading of wheel hubs

An international auto part manufacturer


The customer is an international auto part manufacturer whose factory is in eastern China. The factory deployed XYZ 3D vision to help automate loading wheel hubs onto racks for further processing. The hubs are round, porous, reflective, placed in a bin layer by layer, and separated by anti-rust papers. The bin is wrapped in reflective film, which may interfere with the vision.


 XYZ vision locates the bin.

 XYZ vision identifies the part and guides the robot to pick and place it onto the rack.

 The robot removes the anti-rust paper after each layer is cleared, and continues grabbing until the bin is cleared.


 XYZ-GX-L Camera precisely identifies bins and reflective parts, and works for 2 sites via a sliding module

 Stable identification and grabbing despite the interference of reflective film

 Quick and convenient model registration for different parts