• E-commerce/Retail

    Piece picking of SKUs, depalletizing and palletizing of carton boxes, totesetc.

  • Chemicals

    Safe and stable depalletizing of barrels, carton boxes, and bags with variouschemical products.

  • Electronics

    Support model-free picking of 10,000+ types of carton boxes for the storingand distribution of various electronics.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    Accurate recognition and picking of bags and carton boxes during the manufacturing and distribution of rawmaterials and medicines.

  • New Energy

    Vision-guided localization andinspection during lithium battery production.

  • Machinery

    Support automated machine tending of unprocessed and processed parts for painting, welding and etc.

  • Vehicle Manufacturing

    Automated manufacture duringstamping, welding, painting, assembly, etc.

  • Automotive Suppliers

    Random picking and bin picking ofauto parts of various types, materials, colors, and sizes.

  • Case Study | Automated Inbound and Outbound in an Electronics Warehouse has Nearly Tripled the Productivity
    画板 1 副本 6@300x-100

    With 25 XYZ Robotics' picking robotic systems, 
    an electronics warehouse achieves automated 
    inbound and outbound and greatly increased 

  • Product | XYZ Robotics' Newly Released 3D Camera: Rapid Imaging in 0.23s Helps Efficient Manufacturing
    画板 1 副本 7@300x-100

    With rapid imaging and stronger resistance to
    interferences, XYZ's newly released ST camera
    supports parts feeding, piece picking, and other
    pick-and-place applications.