Sack, bin palletizing and depalletizing

A large pharmaceutical company


The customer is a large pharmaceutical company in northern China. In this case, sacks and bins need palletizing or depalletizing for inbound and outbound automation. Sacks and bins weigh up to 50 kg, requiring firm grabbing. Also, the recognition of deformed sacks and seamless bins is challenging. Moreover, the robots have to work flexibly for 10 palletizing sites and adapt to the limited storey height.


 The robot, guided by the vision, depalletizes the inbound sacks with crude drugs onto the conveyor.

 After the pallet is cleared, the robot grabs and places the pallet onto another conveyor.

 The robot depalletizes empty bins onto the conveyor for loading crude drugs.

 The robot palletizes loaded bins on pallets for storage.

 Ahead of the production, the robot depalletizes the designated bins onto a conveyor.


 A custom gripper which can bear 50 kg and grab both sacks and pallets without switching

 Eye-to-hand cameras ensure adequate accuracy and a field of view when scanning 2 m pallets in a limited space

 Mobile robots installed on tracks can work for 10 depalletizing sites flexibly